Blue Aqua is water purification company in Johannesburg.


We are a bottled water supplier using reverse osmosis for water treatment and water filtration.


We  Supply 100% natural water, water dispensers as well as 20 kg ice blocks and cubes sales.


As the need for better quality drinking water grew, BLUE-AQUA was born.


A vigorous investigation of mature bottled water markets around the world, pointed the way to a system of purification that guarantees the softest and finest quality water at all times. A survey of local brands in taste testing and sampling in almost every local brand of water, helped refine the recipe of truly great tasting water. This secret recipe carefully guarded ensures that every sip of BLUE-AQUA is a Memorable experience.





Blue-aqua water (100%)


Blue-aqua water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow. Each and every molecule of goes through a complex 9 step purification and filtration process. It is sterilised using activated oxygen. No chemicals are added ensuring every drop has that same great Blue-aqua taste.


Tap Water      (64%)


Tap water is piped into our homes. The vast majority of water is purified for industrial use. The small quantity intended for human consumption is heavily chlorinated and treated with ammonia, in order to control bacteria.


Mineral Water (45%)


Mineral water is pumped via a borehole from an underground source, these waters are subject to fluctuations in quality depending on many other factors including pesticides and pollution.


Spring Water   (27%)


Spring water is the same as mineral water, except that by definition it must come to the surface on its own. These waters are also subject to fluctuations in quality depending on among other factors including pesticides and pollution, as well as surface contaminants.